Bayonne, the authentic

Discover Bayonne, in a 20 minutes drive from campsite Erreka. Capital of Basque Country, Bayonne is above all a city of Art and History.


While you stroll through the streets of the city you can discover the wealth of the heritage of Bayonne.


Surrounded by city walls, polished through centuries, the city of Bayonne is also dominated by two castles: The Old Castle and the New Castle.


The famous architect Vauban has built the citadel, from where the tourists have a great view over the city and its surroundings.


In between these fortifications coexist several memorable religious monuments: The Cathedral Sainte Marie, the episcopal palace and the churches of Saint André and Saint-Esprit.


Cultural highlight of Basque Country, the city of Bayonne boasts two remarkable museums.
Dive into the history of the Basque people in the Basque Museum and discover a magnificent collection of art work in the Bonnat-Helleu Museum.


But if you visit Bayonne, you also discover a particular atmosphere. Worldwide known for its famous summer ferias, the city proposes all year round fascinating festive events. Whether it is a cultural or a sports event, in Bayonne everything is a good reason to party, especially in the bodegas of Petit Bayonne. A real way of living!