Biarritz, the extravagant

At less than 10 km from campsite Erreka, Biarritz, this once small fishermen’s village, has in the 19th century been transformed into a real beach resort under the influence of Napoleon III and the empress Eugénie.


Nowadays one of the most important cities of the Basque Coast, Biarritz has managed to stay authentic. All you have to do to notice this is to visit the Rock of the Virgin or the lighthouse of Biarritz, real symbol of the city of Biarritz. The city centre of Biarritz boasts a magnificent heritage: discover the villa Eugénie, the Imperial Chapel or the Palace Hotel.


Make sure you also visit the orthodox church, with its dome painted in blue, and the casino in Art Deco style bordering the large beach.


Very active in a cultural way, Biarritz boasts many museums, like the one dedicated to the sea, the museum of oriental art and above all the historic museum of the city.



But Biarritz wouldn’t be Biarritz without its beaches and its most important sport: surfing. Surfing spots, worldwide known since the ’50s, on the 6 beaches of Biarritz offer to surfing lovers or newbies the perfect conditions to practice this sport.


Nature, culture, ocean, sport, these are the key words of the city of Biarritz.