Espelette and the Basque villages

At a bit more than 20 kilometres from campsite Erreka, the village of Espelette proposes a real journey in the heart of the Basque culture.

Village in the mountains, at 20 minutes from the coast, Espelette has kept its authenticity through the centuries. By strolling through the streets, you’ll discover its houses with a typical Basque architecture, its castle, its washing-place, its church…
The village of Espelette is also worldwide renowned for its red hot peppers.


During your stay on campsite Erreka you can also visit and discover many other charming, characterful small villages. In a 15 minutes drive you can make a stop in the village of Arcangues, lost in the middle of the mountains and birthplace of Luis Mariano.


Sare and Ainhoa are also worth the visit. These two hamlets are on the list of most beautiful villages of France. Situated at a bit more than 20 kilometres from Bidart, they illustrate perfectly the Basque soul and culture.