The Beaches

You wish to relax on a fine sandy beach, make sandcastles or practice sensational water sports? The six beaches of Bidart are perfect for you!

There are many surfing schools along the six beaches of Bidart.


The beach of Illbarritz is a family beach, overlooked by a magnificent castle. Ideal for children, it is also accessible for people with reduced mobility.


The beach of Pavillon Royal is one of the largest beaches of Bidart, it has a breathtaking view over the ocean.


The beach of Erretgia is the place to be for hiking lovers. The coastal footpath (Sentier du Littoral) offers a breathtaking view over the surroundings. Enjoy the view by playing ‘jeu de boules’ on the public field, just in front of the sea!


The beach of Uhabia lies close to many shops and restaurants and is accessible for people with reduced mobility.


For lovers of idleness, come sip a cocktail or eat a bite on the beach of the Centre, situated in the middle of the village.


Finally, the mythical beach of Bidart, Parlmentia, offers a breathtaking view from Hendaye to Biarritz. This beach is well known by surfers because of its mythical wave.