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With its ideal location between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz, the charming village of Bidart overlooks the ocean with the Pyrenees in the background. Its motto “Bidartean zuzena onena”, which means “at a crossroads, the straightest road is the best to take”, demonstrates the personality of the Basques and their well-hardened character. This traditional-looking village has become a spunky little town with entertainment all year round. Bidart is the highest village in elevation on the Basque coast, located between Biarritz and Guéthary. It’s a magical place where countryside and ocean meet.

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Campsite Erreka **** is in an exceptional location on the Atlantic coast. It is less than a kilometer from the sea and near six beautiful sand beaches where you can spend the day enjoying the ocean. Surfing, water sports, swimming, everything you need for a great summer. You can take lessons with the surfing schools to start learning or perfect your technique. You can leave your children for private or group lessons with teachers that are often champions themselves. This sport is one of the symbols of the Basque Country and is always fun to try. The coastal path that winds around the cliffs gives you a gorgeous view of the sea, the magnificent villages of the coast (Bidart, Guéthary, Ascain), and the snow-capped Pyrenees Mountains. This gorgeous panorama is found only in the Basque Country, a country of sea and mountains. The region’s Gulfs (the closest are the Gulfs of Bidart and Ilbarritz) are very close to Campsite Erreka. Some paths have a view of the sea. And you won’t be buffeted by the sea breeze!

The colored boats in the little fishing ports will take you on a ride out to sea. The port of Guéthary is right nearby, also once a fishing port. Like at all Basque ports, whale fishing was once popular there. Its heyday was in the 20s when fishermen brought in spiny lobsters, hake, and squid. Today you can eat delicious seafood in the little towns along the coast.

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